konectar Social - Connecting Life Sciences companies to the right Digital Opinion Leaders
For Life Sciences companies Social Media is the most effective platform to elevate their brand awareness and present the value of their products. konectar Social is a robust opinion leader platform built on the latest technology combined with NLP framework for accurate web crawl, disambiguation and entity extraction, specifically in the healthcare space.... Read more

Importance of KOL Management for Life Sciences Companies
KOL Management is the complete life cycle of identifying, profiling and engaging with the right Key Opinion Leaders based on the business objectives.... Read more

Importance of Virtual Engagement with HCPs during Covid - 19 Pandemic
It is a well-known and well-accepted fact that Life Science industry as a whole, including pharma companies, relies heavily on Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) at every stage of the Drug development cycle—starting from discovery to commercialization of the drugs. With the COVID-19 outbreak, there is a complete disruption to the existing HCP engagement model in the Healthcare industry.... Read more

Understanding the effectiveness of Professional Medical Conferences for Strategic KOL Management
Medical Conferences are one of the most promising platforms to discover the right experts and identify the right KOLs for your business objectives. In order to successfully manage and streamline complex key relationships with their KOLs, Life Science companies require a comprehensive business approach that identifies, maps and profiles each Thought Leader.... Read more

Know your customers better and plan your customer interactions around what they are interested in
Customer Interactions can be productive when you have sufficient understanding about your customers. In fact, it is true with any interactions in our professional world. If we know who we are talking to and what their interests are, we will have an edge in the conversation where we can give appropriate and thoughtful responses. ... Read more

Top 9 Security considerations before starting Web Application development
Web applications are very important to corporations as they provide quick access to corporate resources with user-friendly interfaces to remote users. Applications built without considering security can be a big risk to the organizations and the users. Applications must follow good security practices during the initial design and the development phases so that various security vulnerabilities are taken care at a platform level and not as an after the fact patch.... Read more

Tumor Specific T cells with improved efficacy; Expert thank new age genetic engineering tools
Cancer Immunotherapy is one of the recent successful approaches in the treatment of cancer. This concept has evolved on the principle that a competent immune system can prevent the spread and growth of tumors very effectively than any other therapeutics.... Read more

Tissue Engineered Vascular Grafts: New therapy for Coronary Revascularization
Despite over 50 years of research in the field of Synthetic Materials, native Vein and Artery segments are most commonly used for Revascularization procedures in Cardiac Surgery. Unfortunately suitable Veins or Arteries are not always available for peripheral or Coronary Revascularization, on the other hand artificial grafts do not grow with the body and frequent replacement is must.... Read more

New Drugs to Diabetes Prevention kit, but a healthy lifestyle is must!!
Diabetes is one of the major global healthcare burdens which affects all age group population. There has been rigorous research going on since decades towards finding a most significant medication to combat this burden.... Read more

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI); new technology for Heart Valve replacement
Aortic Valve replacement in Aortic Stenosis subjects is usually carried out by highly invasive cardiac surgery; commonly known as open heart surgery.... Read more

“Lucanix” rising hope for advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Tumor cells' ability to produce significant immune suppressive substances to hide themselves from the body’s immune system has made most of the medications inefficient in destroying them... Read more

Oral direct Factor Xa inhibitors seem to override existing anticoagulants in treating stroke
Managing stroke in subjects suffering from Atrial Fibrillation (AF) has been one of the greatest healthcare burdens across the world since decades. Several medications namely Vitamin K Antagonists (class of anticoagulants) and antiplatelet therapy are available but are at the cost of acquiring severe unpredictable adverse side effects.... Read more