Map influential medical thought leaders and speakers

How to map Thought Leaders, find influential speakers and create effective communications plan

Healthcare Professionals have an extremely close knit community, where they constantly look up to their peers and more experienced HCPs for guidelines on clinical practices. While most national influencers who are prolific speakers and well published are generally known in the community, local influencers are hard to identify. This case study analyses the challenges of life sciences companies in identifying regional and local influencers and provides strategies that can be implemented to identify high-value practice leaders and local influencers without increasing costs.

Map influential medical thought leaders and speakers

konectar Oncology - KOL Management Platform for connecting you to the right Oncology Experts

konectar Oncology Platform – your resource to Discover, Profile and Engage the right Oncology Experts. konectar Oncology gives you access to over 70,000 Oncology Experts carefully curated from millions of data points. The platform empowers you with rich data that is accurately curated and provides intelligence on various dimensions like speaking engagements, affiliations, publishing and research activities, industry payments details, influencer network and many more.

Map influential medical thought leaders and speakers

Impact of Social Media in Healthcare

The healthcare landscape is rapidly growing, driven by technological advancement. It is important for the healthcare industry to communicate the latest developments, scientific breakthroughs, and discovery of newer therapies to the scientific community-thus making an impact on the knowledge of the community. This white paper analyses how life sciences companies can use Social Media as an effective platform to directly communicate with patients and show the value of their companies products and show how Social media platform offers an advantage over older data collecting methods with reduced cost and the ease of access.

Map influential medical thought leaders and speakers

Identification of Oncology Experts

Current HCP Development and Engagement is not just about identifying the top tier HCPs but also to identify forward-thinking experts who may not have reached a high level of visibility, but there is already a buzz around them. The standard process of identification will help in mapping out the global and national HCPs but may miss a major chunk of the regional influencers who should have been part of the target list. This document illustrates how a top Pharmaceutical company identified the local and regional Healthcare Professionals in Oncology space through our AI-powered konectar HCP Management platform.

Map influential medical thought leaders and speakers

KOL Engagement Strategy for Commercial team by identifying the Gastroenterology Experts

For any drug to be commercially successful Key Opinion Leaders play a vital role to raise awareness of the brand. Hence, it becomes crucial for Life Sciences companies to engage and collaborate with influential HCPs for any drug to be popular or successful. This case study outlines how a large pharmaceutical company implemented our end to end KOL Management platform to identify the top tier and upcoming Gastroenterology experts in the United States for the commercialization of their new product.

KOL Mapping Software

Helping Life Science Companies Manage their Customers

Aissel's KOL Mapping software built on Salesforce1 platform focuses on helping our life science customers discover and engage with the right Key Opinion Leaders. Our SFDC KOL Mapping application is an add-on to existing CRM, which can add great value to teams by providing constant customer insights. The SFDC KOL Mapping application integrates your account information with their profile information which can be accessed seamlessly without switching applications. This SFDC product brochure helps you understand the key features of the integration app and how you can enable your teams to continually be updated on their customer information.

Map influential medical thought leaders and speakers

5 Cutting Edge Features every Life Sciences organization needs for effective KOL Management

Identifying and mapping the right KOLs is the first step towards effective and impactful KOL Management. In the rapidly evolving healthcare space, life sciences companies need KOLs to create brand awareness and build credibility to their products. This Brochure helps you understand the Top 5 cutting edge and innovative features of our Software Platform and paves the way for effective KOL Management.

Map influential medical thought leaders and speakers

CNS Thought Leader Identification & Mapping

Identifying and mapping the right Key Opinion Leaders for various KOL Development activities is very crucial for any Life Sciences company. Also, using multiple platforms to identify, engage and interact with the KOLs becomes challenging for the field team. This case study illustrates how a large pharma company and a world leader in CNS space identified and mapped national, regional and local influencers through a cutting-edge technology solution and effective implementation. It also describes how our KOL Mapping solution was used as a one-stop solution for all their KOL Management initiatives replacing all the other necessary platforms used for multiple KOL Management activities.

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