What is konectar?

konectar KOL Management Platform is a cloud application that connects the internal experts of the life-sciences companies with the right external medical experts.

  • Discover the right medical experts by assigning weightages to the expertise that you require
  • Create a clear Segmentation of Influencers into Practice Leaders, Speakers, Publishers at a Global, Regional and Local level
  • Discover the rising stars based on analysis of professional activities over the years
konectar laptop
Which are the different specialties present in konectar?

konectar KOL Management Platform has over 1 million profiles across different specialties including CNS, Oncology, Oral Health, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Pain Medicine, Endocrinology and Dermatology carefully curated from thousands of sources.

konectar CNS Influencers

Ultimate database of Influencers across different specialties in the US which is continually updated

konectar Team

Provides accurate data and insights about HCPs for their engagement with medical stakeholder community

konectar Customize modules

You can easily customize most of the modules and track Interactions and Payments in a compliant way

What is View Similar? Can I Identify new HCPs with similar experience and expertise, using View Similar?

View Similar is a powerful feature that learns the professional experience, topic expertise, conditions treated and various other professional attributes in the HCPs that you select, and automatically recommends new HCPs with similar experience and expertise.
Select an HCP and get recommendations on more experts.

konectar View Similar
Can konectar be integrated with other CRM Platforms?

Yes, konectar can be easily integrated with your existing CRM system enabling you to seamlessly access both the systems.

konectar CRM Platforms
Is this a KOL Management software?

konectar is a full-feature KOL Management Platform that also gives you access to the rich database of Influencers.

Segmentation of Experts

Assign weightage to different professional expertise and create Segmentation of experts


Add the HCPs that are suitable for your business and start planning and tracking engagement


If you have existing data or you need to include additional names, simply upload the names as new

Using konectar, can I find the emerging/rising Influencers in any therapeutic area?

konectar data is continually updated and you can identify experts with increasing trend in professional activities.

konectar therapeutic area
Do you have Network Maps which will help me understand the collaboration and influence of HCPs?

konectar KOL Management Platform features highly sophisticated Network Maps, Geo Maps and Referral Networks that help you understand the collaboration and influence network within the community of Healthcare Professionals.

konectar Network Maps