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KOL Management Platform Suitable for Every Department

Medical Teams

Our AI powered platform is designed specifically for the Medical / Field Medical teams to identify and engage the right Medical experts for different stages of drug development. konectar KOL Management Platform helps in transforming the medical affairs processes and developing the most effective communication strategies with KOLs.

Clinical Teams

With cutting-edge technology, konectar KOL Management Platform provides unmatched support for clinical teams. konectar's Industry Payments Analytics feature helps clinical teams to get an understanding of average spends on HCPs and overall HCP utilization for different engagements.

Commercial Teams

Using machine learning technology, konectar KOL Management Platform makes it easier for commercial teams to segment the HCPs into prescribers, researchers, global and regional speakers. konectar's speaker bureau management feature helps commercial teams to connect with influential speakers and plan their speakers bureau program.

More successful industry-HCP relationships by finding and engaging the right experts

  • Robust KOL Tiering algorithms

  • Global, National and Regional Thought Leaders

  • Segmentation based on disease expertise and experience

Discover the right experts and identify the right KOLs for your business objectives. We scour the entire web and analyze every single HCP’s profile to find the right individuals with expertise that match the areas you are interested in.

Objective analysis

Discover high-potential experts with proven track record through objective, data-driven analysis.

Objective analysis

Segment the experts based on activities and expertise by assigning weightages to different criteria.

Objective analysis

Identify the national and local influencers based on direct feedback from the physicians.

More productive interactions with understanding of your Healthcare Professionals

  • 360 degree expert profiling

  • Influence mapping and network analysis

  • Continually updated customer data

Profile your Healthcare Professionals so you have a good understanding about their professional interests, scientific research, networks and connections.

Objective analysis

Get a solid understanding of your HCPs professional background through accurate and comprehensive profiles.

Objective analysis

Understand your HCPs and their professional interests, networks and connections through visualizations and reports.

Objective analysis

Be up-to-date with changes in the professional activities and accomplishments of your HCPs with real time updates.

Higher user adoption through a simple and easy-to-use KOL Management Platform

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive

  • Mobile friendly interface

  • Brilliant Visualizations

Engage your Thought Leaders in productive and fruitful partnerships through an approach based on a solid understanding of their areas of interests. Track the progress in engagement and measure over time to ensure maximum ROI.

Objective analysis

Customize the modules as per your compliance and process needs, and track ongoing engagement.

Objective analysis

Understand the professional networks, connections and collaborations within the community.

Objective analysis

Seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM applications and view data in a single application.




The right Key Opinion Leaders

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