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For Life Sciences companies Social Media is the most effective platform to elevate their brand awareness and present the value of their products. According to research, 88% of physicians use social media to distribute their opinion, thoughts, and information through networks and communities.

Social media is one of the prominent channels used by Healthcare Professionals to connect with physicians to provide information about the challenges in their practice.

Life Sciences companies are trying to get an insight into the perception of the disease area, the sentiment of HCPs about different conditions and more. But analyzing the data from different social media channels is a challenging task for Life Sciences companies.

Key opinion leaders who emerge into the digital space to become digital opinion leaders have gained more reach and influence among their peers. Digital Opinion Leaders may not be actively researching but can utilize all the research being done and present it in the right way to be understood by their audiences. Digital Opinion Leaders influence their followers with their opinion on disease and therapies and also share practical advice on patient management. Digital Opinion Leaders play an important role in achieving communication objectives and marketing strategies of Life Sciences companies.

How to identify these Digital Opinion Leaders and their impact on the medical community?

konectar Social is a robust opinion leader platform built on the latest technology combined with NLP framework for accurate web crawl, disambiguation and entity extraction, specifically in the healthcare space. konectar Social has several features which will help Life Sciences companies to find the right Digital Opinion Leader for product promotion and brand development.

konectar’s social media listening capability helps to analyze the social media feeds and identify the trends in the healthcare space.

With konectar Social, Life Sciences companies can identify the right Digital Opinion Leaders based on their business objectives. Get robust analytics and insights on each of the digital opinion leaders. Understand the sentiment of the digital opinion leaders. Get to know how DOL influences other Healthcare professionals on social media. Analyze the posting frequency and intensity of the DOL. Find out the top hashtags used by the DOL and get to know their interests.

konectar Social - one-stop solution to identify and monitor Healthcare Social Media influencers. 
Helps to answer:

1. Who is sharing content relevant to the specific disease area of interest?

2. What is their sentiment on different topics?

3. What is each individual’s focus, specialty and sub-specialty?

4. What is their reach?

5. How frequently are they posting?

6. How well are they engaging with their audience?

And many more features to identify and monitor the Digital Opinion Leaders.

For more information please visit https://www.aissel.com/konectar/social

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Suhas Parashar | 31 August, 2021

Marketing Manager

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