Importance of Virtual Engagement with HCPs during Covid - 19 Pandemic

Importance of Virtual Engagement with HCPs during Covid - 19 Pandemic
It is a well-known and well-accepted fact that Life Science industry as a whole, including pharma companies, relies heavily on Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) at every stage of the Drug development cycle—starting from discovery to commercialization of the drugs. 

With the COVID-19 outbreak, there is an interruption to the current HCP engagement model in the Healthcare industry. It has become challenging for the life sciences industry to meet their Healthcare Professionals and conduct face to face meetings, but that doesn’t mean Pharma - HCP interactions have stopped. In fact, to continue their engagement with HCPs, Life sciences companies have restructured their HCP management strategies and have included a digital approach to move ahead. In this way, Life sciences companies are filling the gaps in their marketing programmes. Hence the adoption of digital solutions across the workstream is really important for life sciences companies.

As one of the leading providers of HCP Engagement Platform, Aissel Technologies has developed konectar Virtual Engagement Platform which helps the medical community to conduct hassle-free online meetings with their Healthcare Professionals. Using konectar, the life sciences companies can virtually interact with their HCPs with a single click.

konectar Virtual Engagement Platform enables Life sciences companies to conduct Virtual Meetings with as much effectiveness as the in-person meetings with the necessary security and compliance. Integrate within the konectar HCP Engagement Platform, your users can conduct their virtual interactions without having to leave the Platform thereby making it Easy, Secure, and Risk-Free.

Benefits of konectar Virtual Engagement Platform - 

  • Easy and Secure web meetings
  • Engage your HCPs anytime, anywhere
  • Effective digital collaboration
  • Integrated within the HCP Management Platform
  • Cost-Effective and time-saving

The world is becoming more virtual with the increased availability of digital platforms, choosing the right platform which also adheres to the compliance is very important in the Healthcare space. konectar Virtual Engagement is the most suitable platform for the Life Sciences companies and can provide an alternative to face-to-face meetings with HCPs during this pandemic.