Measuring Oncology Conference Impact with Social Media Listening

Measuring Oncology Conference Impact with Social Media Listening

The active participation of pharma professionals aligned with the Oncology therapeutic area in oncology congresses is not merely a professional obligation but also a strategic imperative. However, it is equally important for these medical teams to analyze the impact of their participation and audience’s perception of these events within the healthcare community on digital platforms. In this article, we will explore the concept of social media listening and its significance, particularly when applied to the analysis of participation in various neoplasm-related summits.

Importance of Participation and Monitoring Oncology Congresses for Medical Teams

Oncology Medical Conferences serve as platforms where the latest scientific research, clinical trial results, and advancements are presented and discussed. Moreover, there are several benefits of participating in such conferences.

Firstly, participation in such summits allows medical teams of pharma companies to stay up-to-date with evolving cancer research and treatment related to sub-fields such as hematology oncology, Lung Cancer - Non-Small Cell, Lymphoma - Non-Hodgkin, Melanoma, Breast Cancer etc.

Participating at major neoplasm forums also allows pharma teams to present their research findings, clinical data, and innovations pertaining to their specificity such as study and progress related to cancer biomarkers, devices, clinical trials, protein-inhibitors etc. This not only enhances the visibility of their work but also allows for peer review, feedback, and potential collaborations.

Presenting at conferences establishes credibility and contributes to the domain's scientific discourse, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking with peers, Key Opinion Leaders, researchers, and healthcare professionals. This can potentially lead to collaborative research initiatives, partnerships, and shared expertise, which in turn fosters a collaborative environment within the community.

Social Media listening - An effective way to analyze conference participation dynamics

In the context of healthcare, social media platforms serve as dynamic forums where healthcare professionals, including those actively participating in conferences and even those who are not attending, continuously share real-time experiences, insights, and reactions.

The shared content typically revolves around discussions on groundbreaking research, emerging modalities for cancer treatment, and responses to keynote presentations. These exchanges occur digitally, creating a vibrant and ongoing conversation within the healthcare community.

Social media listening is about identifying, gathering, and analyzing these conversations by audiences including the DOLs (Digital Opinion Leaders), mentions, engagements, and more, and creating detailed reports packed with valuable insights. In healthcare, it involves monitoring various social media platforms for identifying mentions and discussions related to the disease community or a therapeutic area. This analysis provides valuable insights that can unveil opportunities for engagement and strategic actions.

Now, when we specifically refer to the conference participation analysis of a particular pharma company, we mean the conversations that take place on the digital platforms about the topics discussed by the company representatives at the congress. This could be exploration of cancer treatment modalities, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and emerging therapies presented. Some companies may focus on identification of cancer biomarkers, technological advancements in cancer diagnosis and treatment, including imaging technologies, robotic surgery, and molecular diagnostics. Obtaining the impact of such presentations made in the neoplasm congresses can reveal the qualitative aspects, and sentiments expressed online during and after the cancer symposium.

These reports provide insights into how the audience perceives the company's participation and DOLs’ discussions on various digital platforms. This, in turn, aids pharmaceutical companies to gain insights on various aspects, including the efficiency of their conference involvement, measuring the impact on brand visibility, optimizing resource and budget allocation, and customizing the approach for future conference participation. This information is valuable for enhancing brand reputation and maintaining a positive presence within the industry.

Furthermore, social media listening for gauging conference participation analysis allows organizations to understand the audience's demographics, including the geographical distribution, professional roles, and industry sectors represented. It also helps to know how competitors engage with conferences and events. This allows benchmarking of the performance and staying competitive. Analyzing competitors' presence, activities, and contributions at conferences helps organizations identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

konectar Social Media Listening Service - A Strategic Social Intelligence for Pharma

konectar Social Media Listening Service - A Strategic Social Intelligence for Pharma

konectar social media listening service aims to equip medical teams to understand how their participation in the cancer summit and sessions is being discussed or gaining traction on social media. It utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to crawl digital platforms systematically. Some features and benefits of konectar Social Media Listening Service are as follows:

  • Real-time Monitoring

    The service provides real-time monitoring of social media platforms to track mentions related to the medical teams' participation in cancer symposiums.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    It includes sentiment analysis to gauge the overall sentiment of discussions about the medical teams and their contributions.

  • Identification of Key Topics

    It identifies and highlights key topics or themes associated with the healthcare professionals' involvement in the sessions, helping them understand what aspects resonate with the online audience.

  • Influencer Identification

    Identifying and ranking the social media handles and DOLs (Digital Opinion Leaders) that are most active in posting content related to cancer summits and sessions. This information can help medical teams understand who the key contributors and influencers are in terms of content creation.

  • Audience segmentation

    Analyzing and presenting data on the audience segment that tweeted the most during conferences, including healthcare professionals, companies, and associations. This insight helps medical teams understand the composition of the online audience during conferences and use the insights to tailor their engagement strategies for future conferences accordingly.

  • Performance Metrics

    Providing analytics and performance metrics to assess the reach, engagement, and impact of the medical teams' content and contributions on social media.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Comparing the social media presence and engagement of engaged speakers, topics discussed, and sessions participated with that of competitors in the oncology space.


  1. What is social media listening in Pharma?

    Social media listening in the pharmaceutical industry involves systematically monitoring and analyzing online conversations across various social media platforms. This process gathers insights about pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals (HCPs), medical conferences, and specific therapeutic areas. By examining discussions, trends, and sentiments, social media listening provides a comprehensive understanding of the industry's digital landscape.

  2. What is the significance of social media listening for pharmaceutical companies?

    When applied to Oncology conference participation, it offers real-time monitoring, sentiment analysis, and insights into key topics and influencers. This enhances strategic decision-making ,, allowing pharmaceutical professionals to gauge audience perception and optimize engagement strategies effectively.

  3. How does konectar Social Media Listening Service benefit pharmaceutical professionals?

    The konectar Social Media Listening Service offers pharmaceutical professionals real-time monitoring, sentiment analysis, and identification of key topics and influencers related to conferences. With provided customized reports covering various aspects, professionals gain data-driven insights for informed decision-making.


konectar's social media listening service enables medical teams to strategically navigate relevant conversations centered around their participation in oncology conferences. However, the service is not limited to only the cancer segment but covers over 30 therapeutic segments.

Data-driven analytics empowers professionals to gain a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare sphere active on social media, optimize resource allocation, refine messaging strategies, and plan future conference participation more effectively.

In essence, konectar's service is a strategic tool, offering actionable insights that contribute to effective engagement, improved brand perception, and a competitive advantage for pharmaceutical companies navigating the digital landscape of oncology conferences and beyond.