Identify KOLs based on objective analysis of a wide range of data points

Millions of data points across various online sources are crawled and analysed. With data categorized by 200,000 medical concepts, precise results are generated with KOLs whose interests exactly match the required disease conditions.

Social Network Analysis

Identify the experts in the community of HCPs by understanding social networks and collaborations to create an effective communications strategy.

Rising Stars and Emerging KOLs

With timeline-based filtering and chronological trends, you can find HCPs who are moving up the ladder and are growing fast in influence among their peers.

Dynamic Ranking

Assign weightages and create criteria for ranking to generate names that fit your objectives. Segment your KOLs based on their interests and expertise.

Identify high impact influence leaders through in-depth analysis and robust reporting

Map influencers and identify Thought Leaders through direct feedback

Peer nomination is the most reliable and powerful mechanism to map influencers. Let your customers tell you who THEY think are the influencers and who they look up to. Use this feedback to map influence pattern.

Peer nominations

Use our panel of thousands of Physicians all over the world to get peer nominations through surveys. You can also use your field force to get feedback from your customers.

Influence Maps

Brilliant reports including geo network maps showing local and national influencers and their connections, which can be drilled down by state, city or zip code.

KOLs Near Me

Tap on the Near Me feature to find all the influencers near your geo location and adjust the distance to narrow down on the influencers within your desired distance.

Create effective communications strategy by targeting influential Thought Leaders

Comprehensive, Accurate and Up-to-date

Profiles of Key Opinion Leaders are curated from the online content on thousands of sources. Save time and cost by getting ready-to-use data on your customers. You can improve the quality of interactions and be more productive by focusing on topics that pick your customer's interest. We will help you know your customers better, while you can continue to focus on building stronger relationships.

Regular Data Updates

Regular data updates keep the profile of your HCPs always current with the details of latest developments and changes in their professional activities.


Request profiles in just a click of a button. Scale the data as you need and keep costs under tight control with the Pay-As-You-Go model.

Multiple Data Delivery Options

Choose to integrate all the data into our KOLM online software, app or get dashboards in MS excel for offline usage.

Institution Profiles

Access in-depth profiles of health systems and hospitals, MCOs, ACOs, and key institutions impacting market access. Understand their Org Structure, Publication, Key People and networks.

Access profiles of thousands of Healthcare Professionals

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